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NaTuralMee Saved My Yoni

NaTuralMee Saved My Yoni! Hey ladies and gents, are you alright? I am well just thinking Vaginas :) Yes I said Vagina! If you listened to the current episode of the E And Friends Podcast, you know that I talked about how I got rid of my..... So I mentioned that as a teenager in my early High School years I got on birth control pills. Not because I wanted to have sex, it was to help ease my menstrual cycle pain and heavy bleeding. If you ever taken any contraceptive in your life time, you probably felt many side effects and it may not been good. For me I never gained weight, it made my cramps disappear and my cycle was at a controlled state. Cons of these birth controls as the years progressed caused dark blood, spotting, longer and abnormal cycles and not to mention BV and Yeast Infections ughhh. It was to a point where I wanted to stop with the pills, I tried, but that did not work; instead it got worse. I found myself in the Doctor office a lot getting medicine to treat BV and then t

Pregnancy is a life or death situation!

Hello loves! I wanted to follow up from the current E And Friends Podcast "our birth experience " This was a great episode that I shared along with my husband. We talked about our experiences from Dr. Visits, follow up appointments and up untill the final day! Trust me that the final day wasnt my expected or the Dr. Expected date.  It was a good day at work! Eating crazy bread from Little Ceasers for lunch didn't made it better, in fact I think it had lots to do with me going into labor earlier. Not a bad thing but just wasnt ready. I went in for a check up that day and my blood pressure was pretty high. Not to mention it was high previously appointments.  Why? I'm not sure. I wasnt Diagnosed with pre-eclampsia,  nor gestational diabetes so they said " you are full term and we could have this baby today" The look on our faces as they roll around the wheelchair 👀🤦🏾‍♀️. Welp let's do this! It was a long but not long process if u know what I

Who are really the parents? Quarantine life!

Hey hey hey, I know it's been a while, but what's important is that I am here now! It's a p andemic and I want to know what have we done to deserve such a disaster like this! Well I know but I'm not gonna share my thoughts!!  I'm so glad you all are well and maintaining. Some of us lost loved ones and dear friends, my sympathy goes out to you. Let's get to the topic of the blog "who are really the parents" quarantine life! Immediately many of you know exactly just what I'm talking about. For those who has kids I pray and sympathize with you, for those who are working at home and have to take care of their kids I sympathize with you as well because the situation and state were in now is not foreign, I'm in the same position. I'm a mother of 2 boys ages 9 and 4. My husband and I are both with the kids and goals must be set in place.  ⬅️ Rewind.... At dusk dad is awaken, although he just went to bed 3-4 hours prior 😀. He does his

Erica Letters Featured Blog: Is therapy the hot new thing?

Erica Letters Featured Blog : Written by LPC Cassidi Long Is therapy the hot new thing? 2019 has already brought us many highs and lows, new music and movies, funny memes and the latest fashion trends. Building on the wave of self-care, bath bombs, and face masks, I'm hearing more and more about millennials engaging in therapy. A dialogue initiated by younger generations about anxiety, depression and low-self-esteem is happening and it’s beginning to change the long-standing stigma about mental health issues. The days of emotional suppression are fading, and young people are seeking therapy for growth and change. It’s not uncommon for many of us to feel that our mental health issues are something to be ashamed of, something that needs to be kept a secret. Many of us also grew up in families that instilled in us to keep things in the family, meaning we weren’t supposed to talk about our struggles with outsiders. Maybe your family didn’t believe depression or anxie

Erica Letters: OMG! Were finally Adulting...

Erica Letters: OMG! Were finally Adulting... Hello guys,  I felt the urgency to speak to you all again so soon and alert you of all the fun E And friends Podcast is having on social media this week. This biweekly episode titled "Adulting 102" was explosive if I may say. If you have tuned in Thank you, if not you still have time, but I will insert a clip down at the bottom  so you can get an idea of what the world is raving about! to get started we talked about some pretty interesting topics, we started off with the CDC (Centers For Decease Control Prevention) and how they explain that babies aren't coming as they should; we explained some factors that may prevent why women aren't bringing babies into the world like it was decades ago. When you listen please feel free to give your thoughts and opinions. We also talked about making friends as adults, we came to the conclusion that making friends when you are in your 20s vs 30s is much harder. Why? there are so m

Erica Letters: Do you have a BRAND??

Erica Letters: I finally have a Brand!!!! E And Friends Podcast. For the past few years I have been trying to figure out what im good at, what interest me and nothing never came to mind. I ask myself "can i sing? No! Can I make things? No! Can I do anything creative? Duh yes, I have a personality out of this world, but I just have to stop being an introvert and do something. So I became something I never thought I would be, an entertainer! I spread the word. It took me about a year to figure out what I really wanted to do and what will I give back. I figured it out, I can Brand me! ModelE!! Podcasting isn't easy, you know sharing your inner thoughts and telling things that may be personal to the whole world. One day, and pretty soon I will be all over and all my supporters and non supporters (the ones who see it but never hit the like button) I thank you as well.I realize that support is time and energy and many people feel that their time isn't worth what I hav

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